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Magnet Fishing Find news paper of the treasure found

What to do with Fishing Magnets?

Magnet Fishing in the ocean you will pull up a variety of goods, the most common being, Rusty Fishhooks, Knives, lost Crab pots, and although lead is not magnetic I have found several life times worth of sinkers, as often, they are still attached to the hook. Plus when you pull up a crab pot that has been on the ocean floor for years it will most likely have massive tangles of line sometimes giving you 30 or 40 sinkers in one go!

Magnet fishing off wharves or out boating you will also sometimes get you small boat anchors, (Hopefully not your own ;) )

Meteorite Hunting is something I also use these magnets for, my favourite way of doing this is walking in rivers and streams with my magnet hanging from a rope. On average only 150 meteorites hit earth each year which makes it sound impossible that you will ever find one until the fact that the earth is billions of years old kicks in making you realize the chances of finding one is VERY realistic. Most meteorites are magnetic. Please note that this one takes some time to research so that you don't do what I did when I first started and bring home car loads of magnetic rocks... Apparently we have an abundance of in some areas of Australia, someone could have told me that one earlier... 

American WWII Bases At the end of world war II the American military dumped much of their equipment into lakes and the ocean, making them great Magnet Fishing spots if you can find them. Just don't blow yourself up. ;)

And finally, be creative, you don't have to magnet fish with these magnets, if you need a powerful Magnet, this is the place to be. 

  • Chantal McDowell

    Super high quality stonker of a magnet and great before and after care support!

  • Nathan Corker

    My BBQ fell off my boat in the marina. So I bought one of these magnets. Super quick delivery (I went for express). Rescued my BBQ and the kids had fun.

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